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About Us

Welcome, here are the hard working people in Old Fashion Values that strives to make you feel at ease and confident for the job you want done. We all are confident in our experience and always work to the fullest of our abilities to ensure an effective job well done!

Les Maund



Owner of Old Fashion Values, He's the man with the plan when it comes to the right services for your Castle. he's a friendly ole guy that loves a cuppa while making sure the job runs as smoothly as possible. With many years in the customer service, building and cleaning industry. He will appoint the right person for the job you want done.

Ann Maund


Does your Castle needs a quick spring clean? or maybe a deep clean to beat those dirty prints? Have no fear! Our lady here is the Queen of cleaning and no dirt is safe with her around, with many years of experience of deep cleaning threw ovens, fridge/freezers, bathrooms and more, It will be like living in a new castle once again.

Lee Blackman



Ever had a flood or a leak in your Castle? had a ceiling, wall or floor suddenly become damp without any signs of a leak? Our guy here is our Drying Tech specialist, with many years within the building and insurance industry on flooded homes and business, he will find your leak and dry your castle to how it was before disaster struck. 

Ross Pullen



He's our guy that does the interior decoration and general house hold maintenance, With many year's of experience within the building industry, there won't be much he can't repair or replace within the building of your Castle.


Keith Jordan


Our guy here was born and raise in the depths of the building trade, With a wide range of building experience, Project managing and complex problem solving from average homes to Companies, there is no job that will be too much for him to handle.

Dave Spavins


A skillful builder with many, many years of experience,  Our guy here as fitted kitchens, flooring's, rebuilt homes and much more, No building issue's ever stood a chance with any job he's been given, so a simple screw to a rebuild job, you can rely on him to get the job done!

Aaron Davis



Have a carpet or some upholstery that could do with a deep clean? is there a stain that has become an eyesore and needs removing? Or maybe need your Castle Cleaned from top to bottom? This guy here can help, With many year's of experience in the domestic and industrial cleaning services, there is only a few things this man cannot clean.

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